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Wall Mural

Hand Painted Wall Murals – Kids Room Decor – Nursery Wall Art – Window Mural

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Wall Mural – Creating A Custom Wall Mural Kids Room Decor – When Parents and Children Don’t Agree

Outdoor Wall Murals – Exterior Painted Walls

April 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Hand Painted Wall Murals, Outdoor Wall Murals, Wall Mural

Outdoor Wall murals – exterior painted walls

MURAL84 Outdoor Wall Murals   Exterior Painted Walls

Histrical places make great murals like this boardwalk in Brooklyn

Outdoor wall murals are a great benefit to any community. Painting buildings’ exterior walls with murals can serve as both a cultural expression as well as a form of advertising. Studies have shown that adding murals can reduce petty crime as well as adding to a strong sense of community.

Outdoor wall murals have been used to express political opinions, social ideas, to educate or just to decorate otherwise boring buildings. Outdoor murals are usually large, which makes them even more impactful to passersby.

Outdoor wall murals in Atlanta

There are literally hundreds of outdoor murals in the metro Atlanta area. They range from small door size scenes to entire painted buildings. Many depict historical and political events or celebrate some of Atlanta’s most revered occupants.

Louis Delsarte, renowned figurative expressionist from New York City has been commissioned to create the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Mural, while Lynn Marshall Linnemeier painted a fanciful Fish

MURAL25 Outdoor Wall Murals   Exterior Painted Walls

This mural in N Atlanta gives a great view to a Vinings home bath

Dream in 1992 and Erin McIntosh created Strong Young Trees in Adams Park. The Coastal States Mural by Joe Remillard is located in the lobby of the Coastal States Building at 260 Peachtree Street in Atlanta. The watershed mural in Lake Clair depicts the path of water from stream to sea and is a beautiful example of an educational outdoor wall mural. Another favorite outdoor mural is The Women of Brewster Place Mural, by Malaika Favorite and community children.

Atlanta mural painters

Self-taught artist Larry Connatser produced public wall murals for MARTA in Atlanta where they are seen daily by hundreds of thousands of commuters. Atlanta city is still commissioning new artworks including “West End Remembers” and some very exciting large photomurals are being created by Deborah Whitehouse including “Spirit of Atlanta” – a 70-foot photomural at Atlanta International

crumbling brick wall 300x202 Outdoor Wall Murals   Exterior Painted Walls

No - its not the building + its a mural with crumbling brik!

Airport. Hands On Atlanta painted the Grant park pool deck along with two new murals. If you would like to support adding more murals to public buildings in Atlanta you can send a check to Public Art Trust Fund City of Atlanta 55 Trinity Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Painting outdoor murals

Painting an outdoor wall mural is different then working on a canvas piece of art or interior mural. Painting on an exterior wall requires special paint, priming and graffiti resistant top coats. Depending on the size of the mural and the color scheme, special paint pigments might be needed to ensure that the colors remain brilliant over the years. Outdoor wall murals can be painted on any kind of surface but the most common is concrete, cement block, brick and stucco.

Outdoor wall mural preparation

MURAL77 Outdoor Wall Murals   Exterior Painted Walls

Goingd somewhere? This mural in Atlanta is fun for train enthusiests.

Before you start working on your outdoor mural make sure that the substrate is bonded to the surface — there is no flaking or shipping. Repair any of these issues before you start working on the outdoor mural. Also make sure that you’re using primers and paint that are designed to be used outside and compatible with each other. There are special top coats that are resistant to graffiti and have ultraviolet protection which will help extend the life of your outdoor mural and help keep the colors true.

Outdoor murals invite interaction

One of the best things about outdoor wall murals is the interaction that they create between the viewer in the mural. Street murals can be very effective ways to engage passersby and attract them to your location. Savvy business owners have known that an

MURAL41 Outdoor Wall Murals   Exterior Painted Walls

Bold colors and graphics make this mural in South Atlanta a real inspiration for kids using the gym

interesting mural can be worth more than an over-sized advertisement, which is why so many restaurants and businesses commission outdoor murals.

Outdoor murals

Outdoor murals can also be used to teach and to celebrate cultural ideas. Outdoor wall murals have the ability to communicate and up a list, which is why they often have a strong positive effect the community. When you’re ready to commission outdoor mural please give us a call.

wall mural200 Outdoor Wall Murals   Exterior Painted Walls


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